Grand Time

General Questions

What is Grand Time?

Grand Time is a multi-functional, decentralized, community-driven crypto ecosystem designed with a clear vision in mind: breaking with the myth of blockchain & crypto technology being too complicated for everyday use and introducing as many new people to the crypto community as possible. Through its simplicity and accessibility, the project aiming to put cryptocurrency and blockchain into the mainstream.
Grand Time is not just a single solution - it’s a vast ecosystem consisting of multiple different products which all share the same purpose: making crypto transparent and easily understandable to anyone, especially people with no previous crypto experience. Therefore, the platform will address both the needs of early blockchain adopters & experienced crypto experts.

Grand Ecosystem

Grand Time is dedicated to the original values of the crypto community. Because of that, the Grand Time platform is fully decentralized, democratic and community-driven.
Grand Time is not just a single solution - it’s a vast ecosystem consisting of different tools which all share the same purpose: making crypto transparent and easily understandable to anyone, especially people with no previous blockchain experience.
Thanks to Grand Time, anyone will be able to effortlessly start earning, investing, trading, and learning about crypto assets. Instead of being just another crypto token with no real use cases, the Grand token will be powering numerous elements of the Grand ecosystem.

What is Grand Social Mining?

Grand Social Mining is a new concept integral to the Grand Time ecosystem. The idea is simple: as users perform social media tasks (comments, likes) generated by our platform or refer new people to the Grand Time network, they will earn Grand token rewards.
Their mining rewards will directly correlate to the number of social media actions they have taken and new partners they have referred. In other words, the more users and network value they bring to the platform, the more Grand they will earn. All mining efforts and rewards will initially transact via the Ethereum Network.
Detailed illustration and social mining distribution you can find in our whitepaper.

What is Grand Wallet?

The Grand wallet is an easy-to-use transaction system for users and partner platforms to manage, secure, and spend their Grands. We seek to lower the barrier of entry for users of all platforms and foster cross-platform integration.
Our main goal is to have a wallet that is secure and user-friendly, as we aim to make our decentralized platform accessible to all people. This wallet receives Grand tokens from the Grand Social Mining Reward System and can be used to deposit, store and withdraw Grand tokens. Grand Wallets is designed to save time and effort, and avoid frustration. Completing self-registration is always easy and quick.
The wallet is integrated into our app. It is customized to provide a predefined set of functions, including:
  • Displaying Grand & ETH balances
  • Depositing & withdrawing Grand tokens
  • In the future, integrating other ERC20 tokens deposits
Private keys will always be stored on the client’s side, never shared with anyone, so the user wallets remain 100% safe.

What is Grand School?

In the world of extreme development, speed and rapid internet, it is hard to keep up with every technology trend. There is a scarcity of people who actually deeply understand the details behind blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and tokenization.
Grand School was created to educate people about the cryptocurrency market and help them begin their journey with our platform by earning Grand Tokens.
Grand Time aims to create the world’s biggest educational database about blockchain, tokens, tokenization, cryptocurrencies, new technologies, economics, and decentralized finance. This database will be a great tool for gaining new users and developing the whole cryptocurrency market, and will distinguish Grand token from other crypto projects.
The educational part of the project is extremely important to build the awareness of cryptocurrencies and the Grand token.
Unlike other educational platforms, Grand School will provide mentors on top of video lessons. The help of a real person will provide invaluable advice and help to beginners in the crypto ecosystem.

What is Grand Messenger?

Grand Messenger gives you the ability to communicate with like-minded individuals via encrypted messages, share your enthusiasm for crypto, and find new crypto friends nearby who share your passion.
Grand Time wants to take it one step further, offering extra features within the instant messaging functionality. While chatting with a friend you’ll also have the ability to send Grand Tokens instantly to them, request Grand Tokens, send multimedia attachments (images, GIFs, videos), emojis and much more.
We also plan on allowing users to send and receive other standard tokens through instant messages. Grand Time platform hopes to make instant messaging more enjoyable and sociable for its users.
Grand Time provides integrated end-to-end message encryption. This will ensure that only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what is sent. Nobody in between can intercept messages.

What is Grand Terminal?

With the Grand Terminal, individuals and businesses will be able to effortlessly create highly functional tokens without any IT knowledge or previous blockchain experience.
Every Grand Based token will be able to be easily imported into the Grand Exchange and managed with Grand Terminal.
With the launch of the Grand Terminal, the exemplar Grand-based tokens will be created:
  • Personal & DeFi Tokens
  • NFT Tokens (in all forms and shapes: image, audio, video and many more)
  • Business & Utility Tokens (useful for buying products, paying for services, rating service etc.)
The ability to effortlessly and securely launch innovative digital tokens was one of the main reasons for the massive eruption in the popularity of blockchain technology. The Grand Time ecosystem understands it perfectly, allowing people not only to launch tokens through Grand Terminal, but also to buy and sell them with Grand Exchange, and securely store them in Grand Wallet.
For start-ups and entrepreneurs, gathering funds is the first and most important part in launching their projects. Grand Time will make fundraising easier than ever. Launching tokens with Grand Terminal will be simple, free, and accessible for everyone.
Grand Exchange will provide market making and liquidity for all verified tokens launched with Grand Terminal. Thanks to the easiest listing process in the ecosystem, Grand Exchange will be able to evolve into the biggest crypto exchange in terms of the number of listed assets.

What is Grand Exchange?

All Grand tokens and tokens created on Grand Terminal can be traded in our Grand exchange. We are planning to use a decentralized exchange functionality, where every user maintains full control over his or her funds and doesn’t need to trust a central authority.
Grand Time platform includes an exchange market where users can exchange Grand tokens for any other currency pair such as Grand/ETH or Grand/BTC and store them in our internal wallet. The platform is safe and secure, and we provide an easy means of exchange.
Grand Exchange Features:
  • Community Interaction: The Grand project is transparent regarding its policies and offers. Community interaction will help to increase transparency, as users will be able to better understand our work, activity and the lengths we will go to in order to serve our users.
  • State-of-the-art Security: Security is our top priority. We meet all industry standards to ensure that the funds and transactions on our platform are 100% protected.
  • Reliable Customer Service: Our team works to respond to every inquiry as soon as possible. We hope our responsiveness demonstrates our thirst to serve.

What is Grand NFT Marketplace & Auction?

The Grand NFT marketplace will be a place where daily Grand NFT tokens will be produced. These unique NFTs will be available for purchase only in exchange for Grand tokens. The auctions will take place every day, directly after the NFTs are issued. Each day, 10 unique Grand NFTs will be created and auctioned. All Grand token holders will be eligible to participate in the auctions. The users that don't hold any Grand tokens will be able to purchase them on Grand Exchange first, and then use them to take part in the auction.
Once all 10 Grand NFT tokens connected to a particular day are collected in a single wallet, the buyer will be able to see a certain picture associated with the purchased day. The picture may contain a day info, a wish and a parting word.
When the complete picture of the day is sold to the project participants, an external auction will be announced on the Grand NFT auction platform. If the person who wants to buy a picture of the day places a request on the auction platform, the system will automatically generate offers for all holders of the required NFT tokens.
The uniqueness of the Grand NFT marketplace will add a lot of value to the Grand token, and increase the popularity of the entire Grand Time network.

What is Grand Metaverse?

Grand Metaverse is a virtual reality platform owned by its users and powered by the Grand Token. You can use all products from the Grand Time ecosystem in metaverse. Create and host your own VR world, meet and connect with other users, socialize, learn, collaborate and attend or host live VR or AR events and much more. Grab a VR headset or use your web browser and become completely immersed in a 3D, interactive blockchain world.

Why is the name of the project Grand Time?

The core idea of Grand Time is the value of time.
The value of time is something that’s intuitively understandable by everyone, even people with no technical knowledge. Grand Time will capitalize on this fact to bring crypto to the masses by turning time into tokens - literally. Grand Time approaches time in a unique manner, by using a coherent and easily understandable decimal time measurement system. In the Grand Time decimal system, every day is divided into 10 equal parts - GRAND hours. In each grand hour there are 100 grand minutes, amounting to 1,000 grand minutes a day. Each minute is 100 grand seconds - a total of 100,000 grand seconds a day. Finally, each grand second is divided into 100 grands, which gives a total of 10 million grands.
Each day in the Grand Time system is divided into 10,000,000 smallest parts - Grands. Grand Time turns time into money by tokenizing time itself, making grands into the tokens of our project.

Can I invest in the Grand Time Project?

Yes, you can invest in the Grand Token - the core of the Grand Time platform & ecosystem. You can do so by joining the Grand Token Launchpad that hold between November 12, 2021 till November 4, 2022.

Why there is no vesting period for Grand Token?

The Grand Time project team believe that during and after token sale we should not lockup investors and they should get all of the investor tokens out there right out of the gates.
We are specifically against blockchain projects implementing token release vesting schedules after fundraising, as this is a false strategy to support their token price on secondary markets and in the long run this strategy still leads to the huge dumps and token price drops.
If a crypto project is worried that investors may dump their entire project when they receive the tokens, then perhaps they made one of the following mistakes:
1) The project did not choose the right long-term investors.
2) The team failed to convince investors to join them in their long-term journey on the growth of their team and product.
For this reason Grand Time Launchpad is set for 1 year.
We believe if will keep delivering new products on our platform , improve existing ones and deliver higher values to our community, new members and all people around the world, we will be rewarded in long-term with a greater market cap and constantly increasing token price.

The Main Difference Between Grand Time and Other Crypto Projects?

Grand Time is an innovative, decentralized, community-driven, blockchain-based ecosystem consisting of various mutually complementary platforms and solutions which work together to address the needs of the current generation of blockchain enthusiasts and crypto investors. This generation is composed of both young and older people who share one thing in common: they are avid social media users. Therefore, Grand Time will answer the demands of the crypto community by turning blockchain into a social experience, easily accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world - even to people with no technical background and no previous experience with cryptocurrencies.
The core idea of Grand Time is putting cryptocurrency and blockchain into the mainstream by attracting more newcomers and regular users (especially social media users) into the blockchain ecosystem. In order to achieve this goal, all components of the Grand Time ecosystem are designed specifically to be familiar, welcoming and easy-to-use to people with no blockchain experience whatsoever.
Currently, the expansion of the cryptocurrency market is limited because the blockchain ecosystem mainly attracts people with a certain degree of technological prowess. The general public is still convinced that blockchain and crypto are too complicated, and that only computer experts can understand these subjects. Because of that, while there are 100 million cryptocurrency wallets in the world, only 3 million users actively use cryptocurrency each month. Compared to the billions of people who use social media or fiat currencies every day, that number is minuscule.
Core Features of Grand Time:
  • Decentralized, democratic and community-driven
  • Complete ecosystem consisting of 8 unique components
  • Designed specifically to attract newcomers and people with no crypto experience.
  • Focused on achieving mainstream blockchain adoption on a global scale
  • Enabling people to keep all crypto interactions on a single platform
  • Giving back to the community by distributing 10% of all minted tokens for charity
Yes, We are operating as a fully regulated Grand Comfort Group LTD. company under the Seychelles laws and regulations.
You can check the detailed legal information about Grand Time in our legal documentation section.

How can I join the Grand Time Team?

Currently, we are looking for Grand Time Ambassadors. Please register on our platform and get a referral link to start promoting the Grand Time project.