Grand Time


General Questions

Grand Ecosystem

Grand Time is dedicated to the original values of the crypto community. Because of that, the Grand Time platform is fully decentralized, democratic and community-driven.
Grand Time is not just a single solution - it’s a vast ecosystem consisting of different tools which all share the same purpose: making crypto transparent and easily understandable to anyone, especially people with no previous blockchain experience.
Thanks to Grand Time, anyone will be able to effortlessly start earning, investing, trading, and learning about crypto assets. Instead of being just another crypto token with no real use cases, the Grand token will be powering numerous elements of the Grand ecosystem.

What is Grand Token?

Grand Time platform has its own currency – Grand Token. Grand is a reference currency for the equity flow & all transactions in the whole ecosystem, powering all products of the Grand Time platform.

What is Grand Social Mining?

Social mining is the core part of Grand Time, as it allows everyone to turn time into token - literally. Register on the platform, perform simple social media tasks by promoting the project or perform GIG tasks ordered by businesses – each task you complete will be exchanged for GRAND rewards.

What is Grand Crowdsourcing Marketplace?

Decentralized Crowdsourcing Marketplace for ordering any simple GIG tasks (surveys, voting, feedback, airdrops, data labeling for AI & ML, usability testing digital products...), which are placed by businesses and performed by Grand Time community members for crypto rewards through the Social Mining platform.

What is Grand School?

Grand School is a beginner-friendly platform, allowing everyone to learn how to perform simple GIG tasks and earn Grand rewards on the platform. As well as basics of crypto and blockchain technology with the help of one on one mentorship of more experienced Grand Time’ users.

What is Grand Token Deflationary System?

All Grand tokens earned on the platform can be exchanged to other cryptocurrencies inside of the platform without moving them on-chain & selling them on external exchanges through the Grand Token Deflationary system. Furthermore, the deflationary system works so way, that it burns all exchanged Grand tokens as a deflationary mechanism.

Why is the name of the project Grand Time?

The core idea of Grand Time is the value of time.
The value of time is something that’s intuitively understandable by everyone, even people with no technical knowledge. Grand Time will capitalize on this fact to bring crypto to the masses by turning time into tokens - literally. Grand Time approaches time in a unique manner, by using a coherent and easily understandable decimal time measurement system. In the Grand Time decimal system, every day is divided into 10 equal parts - GRAND hours. In each grand hour there are 100 grand minutes, amounting to 1,000 grand minutes a day. Each minute is 100 grand seconds - a total of 100,000 grand seconds a day. Finally, each grand second is divided into 100 grands, which gives a total of 10 million grands.
Each day in the Grand Time system is divided into 10,000,000 smallest parts - Grands. Grand Time turns time into money by tokenizing time itself, making grands into the tokens of our project.
Yes, We are operating as a fully regulated Grand Comfort Group LTD. company under the US & UK laws and regulations.
You can check the detailed legal information about Grand Time in our legal documentation section.

How can I join the Grand Time Team?

Currently, we are looking for Grand Time Ambassadors. Please register on our platform and get a referral link to start promoting the Grand Time project.