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Welcome to Grand Time project documentation. This is a live document that will be updated as our project evolves.
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Grand Time Project Explanation Video
The cryptocurrency market is limited to those who know what cryptocurrency is. There are 100 million cryptocurrency wallets in the world, but only 5 million users who actively use cryptocurrency each month. Compared to the billions of people who use social media or fiat currencies every day, that number is minuscule.
The core issue is misperception: many people still think that cryptocurrency is hard to grasp and requires enormous investment. Unfortunately, that is the reality of the current market sentiment regarding blockchain technology.
Grand Time is willing to change this.
Through its simplicity and accessibility, the project aiming to put cryptocurrency and blockchain into the mainstream. Grand Time is not just a single solution - it’s a vast ecosystem consisting of multiple different products which all share the same purpose: making crypto transparent and easily understandable to anyone, especially people with no previous crypto experience. Therefore, the platform will address both the needs of early blockchain adopters & experienced crypto experts.
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