Grand Time

Getting started

Welcome to Grand Time project documentation. This is a live document that will be updated as our project evolves.
The future of the world economy is decentralized. Blockchain technology is already revolutionizing how we think about money, and millions of people worldwide are being empowered with financial freedom.
Grand Time is an ecosystem of powerful solutions designed to make the transition to a decentralized economy faster and smoother for everyone, by introducing new people to crypto through the accessible and straightforward Grand Time decentralized crowdsourcing platform and Grand Token. Our project gives everyone a chance to become financially independent – especially for 1.9 billion people from emerging markets who live under a poverty line for less than $4 a day.
Blockchain technology is all about connecting people – and by connecting the people in developing countries to communities in developed economies, Grand Time allows everyone to gain financial freedom!
The most significant advantage of Grand Time is simplicity – we empower billions of people from emerging markets to become financially independent by:
– Getting to know the basics of crypto and blockchain by learning from experienced mentors on the platform
– Earning cryptocurrency in the easiest way possible by performing simple gig tasks (Data labeling for AI & ML, digital products usability testing & feedback with surveys, designs/logos/photos A/B testing & voting ,search relevance & text classification and more…) on our platform that doesn’t require any professional skill
– Networking with like-minded individuals from around the world
The core set of products is constantly expanding according to our community’s wishes. As the Grand Time ecosystem evolves, it becomes a robust set of beginner-friendly crypto solutions capable of taking a significant part in accelerating blockchain adoption & decentralized economy around the world.
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