Grand Time
Market Competition Insight
Nowadays, there exist a lot of educational crypto platforms - but none of them is like Grand Time. Most of the projects which promise to be next-generation blockchain learning academies are very simple websites collecting beginner-friendly articles and videos explaining basic concepts relating to the world of cryptocurrencies.
Grand Time is different - it’s the only platform in the blockchain ecosystem which turns learning about crypto into a community-oriented experience.
Unlike with other educational projects, Grand Time is not just focused on collecting knowledge in one place. Instead, Grand Time empowers newcomers to the blockchain ecosystem with a unique ability to learn how to use crypto in practice while meeting like-minded people, making new friends and gaining rewards.
Crypto beginners often read a lot of theoretical articles about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but don’t learn how to use them in practice. Another major problem is the fact after they obtain their first crypto, there’s barely anything they can do with it.
Grand Time deals with both of these problems by offering practical, actionable information about cryptocurrencies, while also providing the users with access to a beginner-friendly, welcoming community. Because of that, Grand Time allows people to learn not only how to buy crypto, but also how to use them in many real-world scenarios to participate in socially-oriented activities enabled by various components of the Grand Time ecosystem.
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