Grand Time
Grand Time History
The history of Grand Time is unique, as the whole project started from a single idea: the idea to simplify the format of time by changing it to a decimal system of measurement, and tokenizing each 0.0000001 part of the day as 1 GRAND. In other words, Grand Time aims to literally turn people’s time into money, and by doing so to make the world richer, and to make money affordable for everyone.
At the beginning of the project in December 2017 and during its development, while sharing our ideas about the future of cryptocurrency, we realized that there are many people curious about crypto but very few schools where one can learn about it.
Thus, the Grand Time team has created crypto schools in different languages. Thanks to these unique groups where the mentors shared their knowledge, thousands of crypto newcomers were able to effortlessly start their blockchain adventure. Grand Time schools continue to expand, and evolve by creating new, different departments.
The goal of educating as many people as possible on how to work with cryptocurrency, completely for free, led to a massive development of our platform into a fully functional social network which allows us to expand our acquaintances and interact with the community in an organic way.
The platform & number of active users were growing, and Grand Time started to evolve from a single website to a complete ecosystem of interconnected blockchain solutions. As it is now, the Grand Time ecosystem is extremely flexible, which means that new products and applications can be implemented effortlessly to expand the functionality of Grand Time according to the needs of the community.
The groundbreaking revolution in the way in which people think about time and money entered into its current phase on 22.05.2020, when the GRAND token was launched on the Ethereum blockchain.
On 10.06.2020, the GRAND token gained increased usability after the Grand Time platform in its current form was created: a unique crypto ecosystem that allows participants to easily gain crypto rewards, save and grow their digital assets and receive rewards.
‌Currently, the Grand Time ecosystem is rapidly evolving to accommodate new features, such as the possibility to create NFTs or regular tokens, trading and exchanging them, putting them out on an auction, or using them to vote, do charity, grow and develop!
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